Security Screening Solution

We construct systems for international customs inspection and national defense protection facilities.


Quick and precise inspection by using X-ray and material identification technology

Two-way scanner / One-way scanner

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Container Inspection System

We employ high-energy X-rays to quickly scan for and detect any illegal goods in a shipping container without opening.

Established SeAH Consortium 7

Increase international customs inspections

Realize social safety

Prevent illegal trading

Improve national competitiveness


Security screening to establish the groundwork for globalization

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Cargo Security Inspection

We design and manufacture compound X-ray equipment for small cargo inspection, as well as offer baggage and express cargo inspection services. We use AI identification technology and lead inspection scanner development projects with Korean technology, laying the groundwork for globalizing the security and inspection industries.

  • Pyeongtaek-Dangjin Port Container 2 Cargo Inspection Center

  • Incheon New Port Container 1 Cargo Inspection Center

  • Busan Sinseondae Container Cargo Inspection Center

  • Pyeongtaek-Dangjin Port Container 1 Cargo Inspection Center

  • Gwangyang Port Container Cargo Inspection Center

  • Incheon Port Integrated Inspection Center Cargo Inspection Center

  • Airport and port baggage and individual scanner business

  • Small cargo inspection using compound X-ray devices