New Renewable Energy

Using the SeAH Group’s years of experience designing photovoltaic power stations and working together with local governments across the nation to develop 37 solar power plants with 41MW worth of power production,
we can ensure that we provide our clients with unparalleled expertise and consultation when it comes to solar power.


Expanding IPP Expertise with SeAH’s Experience

Our IPP Business

SeAH Networks has constructed 37 cutting-edge solar farms with 41MW of power production, which it currently proudly operates as it eagerly contributes to a national "Green New Deal" energy policy.


Improving Customer Satisfaction and Providing Vertical Integration Services

Our EPC Business

SeAH Networks is responsible for a number of solar power-related services ranging from consultation to the management and operation of solar power facilities. By greatly improving customer satisfaction and providing vertical Integration solar power services, we are constantly contributing to the increasing value of our client's assets.


Residential Solar Installation Program

Residential Solar Installation Program

The Korean government currently provides subsidies that can help reduce or completely remove the installation costs of renewable energy equipment such as photovoltaic panels, solar thermal or geothermal equipment, and fuel cells for residential buildings. SeAH Networks has been a proud partner of this residential support program for many years, from 2014 to 2022.

Selected as partner business for Residential Support Program 2014 ~ 2022


Residential Solar Leasing Program

Residential Solar Leasing Program

Our solar leasing program allows residents to directly use the electricity provided by our solar panels, while additional leftover production capacity can be deducted from electricity bills. We have actively participated in this support program led by the private sector, in which businesses are responsible for the installation, operation, and management of solar equipment.

  • Incheon Susan Water Purification Plant

  • SeAH Changwon Specialty Steel, 1 plant

  • Dong-A Steel Gwangyang, 1 plant

  • Gunsan Besteel, 2 plants

  • SeAH Besteel Gunsan, 4 plants

  • SeAH CM Gunsan, 1 plant

  • SeAH Besteel Gunsan, 6 plants

  • SeAH Besteel Gunsan, 5 plants

  • SeAH L&S Dangjin, 1 plant

  • Ilsan Distribution Center

  • Jeju Il Gwang Solar
    (0.5MW) - 1

  • Jeju Il Gwang Solar
    (0.5MW) - 2

  • Chungju Suanbo
    (2.7MW) - 1

  • Chungju Suanbo
    (2.7MW) - 2

  • SA 2 plants

  • SA 3 plants

  • Geumsan KPF 1st,
    2nd, and 3rd plant (1.5MW)

  • Hera Energy

Current Status of Solar Power Plant (IPP) Construction

  • NO.

    Project Name

  • 1

    Project No.1 (6 Plants (7.3MW), Currently Operating (2013.01)

  • 2

    Project No.2 (3 Plants (4.2MW), Currently Operating (2014.07)

  • 3

    Project No.3 (12 Plants (12.2MW), Currently Operating (2017.12)

  • 4

    Project No.4 (7 Plants (4.2MW), Currently Operating (2018.11)

  • 5

    Project No.5 (5 Plants (8.4MW), Currently Operating (2020.01)

  • 6

    Project No.6 (3 Plants (2MW), Currently Operating (2021.08)

  • 7

    Incheon Susan Water Purification Plant Solar Power Plant (2.6MW), Currently Operating (2023.03)

Our Solar Equipment Operation
and Management Business

A to Z Business Consultation

Planning the ideal business model for our client's solar power production

Analyzing the financing and profitability of our clients’ solar power projects to confirm viability

From EPC to Operation and Management

Designing optimal photovoltaic power production systems

Operating dedicated software to design the optimal solar power projects

Ensuring professional management and hands-on support from outstanding expert technicians

Our SeAH S-S Package

SeAH-manufactured steel support structures

3-months of follow-up service after completion of the installation

Demand industry

Follow-up Service

Maintenance and examination of connectors

Inspection of modules and structures