Global ODA

As health ODA projects are becoming more effective across the world, we strengthen our competitiveness through various channels of interest to expand our influence in various sectors.

Educational Sector

With our core competencies, SeAH Networks has been an education ODA project leader, contributing to the development of human resources necessary for developing nations' sustainable development and economic industrial progress.

Major achievement : University of Rwanda Infrastructure Development Project (EDCF) Industrial Advanced Technology Center in Angola (EDCF) and others.

Health Sector

Health ODA projects are becoming one of the most critical sectors all over the world. We try to boost competitiveness and grow our influence in various sectors by generating more channels of interest.

Major achievement : KOICA Capacity-building Project on Prevention and Treatment for Ocular Diseases in Bangladesh

ICT Convergence

To provide synergy effects by the convergence of ODA projects in various fields, we actively build ICT convergence ODA initiatives using SeAH Networks' technology.