Using our SI, we provide comprehensive services from consulting, engineering, and construction to maintenance to build systems in various areas, such as IBS, convergent multimedia, electricity/communication engineering, and security business.


We offer an intelligent building system (IBS) that incorporates cutting-edge information and communication technologies and automation inside a building, reflecting the smart environment.

Engineering and construction of high-rise structures, complex shopping malls, research and development facilities, and more

OA : structured cabling system, exchanger, network

BA :automated control (facility, lights), integrated SI, FMS, situation control

TC : CATV, CCTV, PA, remote meter reading, access control, parking management

Multimedia System

Video, sound, and digital signage through broadcasting. engineering and construction of broadcasting/video/sound, including signage, VR, AR, and more, for next-generation auditoriums, conference rooms, training studios, and buildings. Broadcasting/video/sound engineering and construction of the auditorium, meeting rooms, training studios, and buildings.

Broadcasting : studio/recording/editing system

A/V : stage sound, video/stage equipment/virtual meetings

Media : digital signage system, media facade, electronic display boards outside/inside